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I found this sentence by Yukihiro Matsumoto ("Matz"), the creator of Ruby, on the Internet: "Man is driven to create; I know I really love to create things. And while I'm not good at painting, drawing, or music, I can write software.". This pretty much describes the attitude of many software developers and also mine. While I’m also not good at painting or drawing I'm  trying to get some nice tunes out of my guitar ;-).

Developing software is one thing I really like to do because of the creativity and challenges it offers and because of the fun of it. I have now been working for almost 30 years as a software developer doing object-oriented software development using Smalltalk and Java. I can also be found on www.xing.com and on www.linkedin.com. My open-source projects are here on GitHub.

In the last years I have been developing with Java using eclipse, IntelliJ, Spring, Spring Boot, vert.x, Redis, Mongodb, Postgres, RabbitMQ, GitLab, docker, and  some other tools or frameworks. My favorite areas in computer science are concurrent and/or distributed systems. I like to  have a look at things like actors, STM, vert.x and things alike. Always like to look at languages. Currently looking a bit into Go, Kotlin, Swift, and C#.

In my Master's thesis I made use of academic freedom to develop an agent platform for distributed cooperative agents where agent load is balanced automatically called Janet (Java network).

Oliver Plohmann, December 2020